A Business Perspective on Advanced Social Media for Nonprofits

Highlights from the 2011 Benevolent Media Festival: On Monday, November 7, Benevolent Media hosted a panel discussion with three local nonprofit leaders working to inspire social change through social media.

For an overview of the panel discussion, read this excerpt from "What B2B Sales Innovators Can Learn from Non-profits," by Andrew Rudin on Customer Think:

...it was refreshing to learn less-told stories about how sales innovation achieves good in the world. A panel of social entrepreneurs shared selling insights at a conference I attended this month called Digital Capital Week. One takeaway: you don’t need Sales in your title to have killer sales instinct, but you do need to know how to fail forward.

For me, social entrepreneurs are the sales anti-hero, conjuring images of Prius-driving vegetarians focused on putting the needs of others before their own. In traffic, when people cut in front of them, they blithely shrug it off. But that’s not an apt caricature. There was the familiar go-for-the-jugular air one would recognize from almost any annual B2B sales kickoff meeting.

Read the full article for specific case studies from Bread for the City, the Washington Area Bicyclist Association and Special Olympics.