Transformational Media Summit Starts Today!

Our peers in Europe are asking the same question we are: How can media help create a better world?

Today marks the kick-off for the two-day Transformational Media Summit in London. The new initiative brings together pioneers from across the globe to explore how media can help us solve social, environmental and economic challenges.

Themes covered include: Web2.0 and new technology, journalism and news reporting, film and music, transformational story telling, the art and science of creativity, sustainable living, new economics, and well-being, and ethics and leadership.

Speakers include:

  • Jarvis Smith, Founder, Green Magazine
  • Clemency Burton-Hill, TV & Radio presenter, author and musician
  • Anna Coote, Social Policy, New Economics Foundation
  • Stuart Hughes, Diplomatic Producer, BBC News
  • Susie Pearl, Author 'Instructions for Happiness & Success"
  • Dara Marks, Hollywood’s #1 rated script consultant (Creative Screenwriting Magazine)

Follow the summit on Twitter: @transformingmed #tmsummit2012