"Let's Color Project" Making the World Better One Shade at a Time

This post is made possible thanks to the Taiwan Youth Travel campaign, sponsored by the National Youth Commission in Taiwan. Founder and Editor-in-Chief Erica Schlaikjer was chosen as a Taiwan Trek Ambassador to document street art and urban vibrancy in Taiwan cities.

Around the world, artists are literally painting the town red—and a rainbow of other colors—in an initiative known as the "Let's Color Project." Sponsored by Dulux, an international paint manufacturer with stores worldwide, the project aims to improve people’s lives by using art and design to create better living environments. After all, color is known to affect people's mood and well-being.

In Taiwan, the project is being showcased at the Taipei Original Festival, held from November 16 to December 2 at the Songshan Cultural and Creative Park on Guangfu South Road in Taipei.

Here's a sampling of environmental makeovers in Tainan, Kaoshiung and Miaoli, where residents transformed grey public spaces into vibrant colorful communities:

Taiwan is certainly not alone in its use of color to revitalize the urban landscape.

Dulux began its award-winning marketing campaign in 2010 in four locations: a primary school in London, a a commune in the northeastern suburbs of Paris, favelas in Rio de Janeiro, and a community square in Jodhpur. Local volunteers helped to paint streets, houses, plazas, schools and other buildings. The company launched a complementary social media campaign to get more people involved in the project.

Euro RSCG London, a marketing communications firm, created the "Walls" documentary to showcase the project's success. The short film, directed by Adam Berg, won the prestigious TED award for being one of the best "Ads Worth Spreading." As the judges wrote, "It moved us with its uplifting message that life is better in color -- and there is nothing that a fresh coat of paint can't make better."

Join the global color movement:

Twitter: http://twitter.com/lets_colour Website: http://www.letscolourproject.com/

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