Weekly Roundup: Trends and Predictions for 2013

Photo by Kelvin Chu. Welcome to the first Friday of 2013! To kickstart the new year, we're proud to launch a new weekly roundup series, compiling ideas, trends, news and research from benevolent media creators worldwide.

Here's what people have to say about upcoming trends and predictions for the year ahead. Have anything to add? Share them in the comments.

"Seven Trends in Social Change in 2012"" (via GOOD)

...stories still make the world go round. No matter how much data we have, no matter how much technology we leverage, no matter how well designed our interventions are, there will never be a thing as magical as authentic, compelling storytelling.

"Open Data Will Save Lives" by Rachel Hoat (via PSFK)

This year New York City government released more than 1,300 municipal data sets, encouraging independent technologists and researchers to develop applications and extract insights from these assets. Examples of data include WiFi hotspots, police response times, and hurricane evacuation zones – enabling Google and The New York Times to build lifesaving, interactive maps during Hurricane Sandy. We estimate that those maps helped us collectively reach ten times as many people than we would have alone. It’s powerful proof of open data’s value.

"Social Entrepreneurship Predictions for 2013" by Devin Thorpe (via Forbes)

People will continue to confuse the use of the word “social” as used in the disparate senses of social media and social entrepreneurship, which are entirely different things, even though social entrepreneurs depending heavily on social media.

"Public Schools Become Creativity Engines" by Gerald Richards (via PSFK)

In 2013, schools and educators will start to focus more on creativity and the skills that used to be considered soft – drive, grit, determination. In a world spurred on by innovation, all of these skills are essential to thinking differently and dreaming bigger. The education system will begin to build more opportunities for students to be creative in the classroom. Discussions about adding art to STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) education are already underway.

"Ch-Ch-Changes: Nonprofit Sector Predictions for 2013" by Rick Cohen (via Nonprofit Quarterly)

CForward’s Robert Egger also predicts—or hopes—that nonprofits will “relentlessly utilize new media outlets like Twitter and Facebook to both educate and compel candidates…to detail how they will partner with them to create jobs and maintain the social fabric that sets the foundation for communities to prosper.”

"Social Reputation Management drives ‘Do Good’ campaign strategies" (via Twin Engine)

...corporate will shift its focus to implementing positive messaging strategies that assure consumers that the company hears and understands their opinions. To preserve a positive brand image and display a positive brand character, “Do Good” campaigns will become a popular way to make those demonstrations.